Segway Rodeo

The Segway Rodeo is an interactive program that is designed as an individual activity or one that can be used in a Team Building format. These activities start with a demonstration on how to operate a Segway. This gives participants an opportunity to learn about Segways and how they function. The number of participants, the number of activities chosen and how many teams will take part will determine program length. The Rodeo can be used alone or in conjunction with other group activities.

Each rider will be given individual riding instructions with a staff person acting as a spotter. The riders will be coached during the initial riding phase. Once the riders are comfortable they will be given time and space to practice basic maneuvering until they become more proficient with operating the Segway. As those riders practice, staff people move to the other riders and start the training process with them. Segways are very easy to ride, most people feel comfortable operating them after only five minutes of riding.

The Rodeo is designed to begin with activities that require easier riding skills and gradually move to more difficult riding and control operations. The Rodeo can be run indoors or outdoors. We would suggest for the Team Building format that the customer establish teams in advance. This will allow for grouping to be based on company teams, divisions or whatever criteria work best within the company structure to promote a competitive atmosphere. If the teams are formed and their names decided in advance, it will afford the company an opportunity to produce T-shirts or other team identifiers before the event. If prizes or awards are to be given out to the teams the company can bring them to the event.

A tracking board can be used so team scores can be posted if desired. The tracking board creates additional competition as teams monitor their standing as they progress through the event.

Rodeo Events – Following is a list of possible activities that can be used for the Rodeo. The number of activities chosen will be based on the time allocation and the number of teams or attendees.

Additional unstructured riding can follow the structured events if time permits.

Segways are the ultimate green machine; they make little noise, give off no emissions and have non-marking tires that can be used on any surface. The Segway program can be used without the structured team approach. There is a strong desire by many to experience riding a Segway. We can bring our machines to any business or social event and allow for unstructured riding. Segways are also great for building ‘Grand Entrance’ approaches. They are ideal vehicles to highlight guests of honor or meeting presenters’ entrance to meetings or special events.

In addition to our Segways we have a number of interactive items that are suited for all ages. Please visit Read Amusements to preview our offerings.